Helping Save Lives, One Pint at a Time

Did you know that it takes only five to 10 minutes to potentially save three lives? That was just one of the statistics learned by James Wilson Young Middle School seventh-graders when they attended the New York Blood Services Little Doctors program at their school. As a complement to their science curriculum on body systems, and as a fitting kickoff to the community blood drive held at the school later in the month, the students attended a presentation by Blood Services representative Marty Scharf to learn more about the body’s circulatory system.

During the presentation, Mr. Scharf spoke about why blood cannot be artificially manufactured, the functions of the different components of blood, and the importance of type testing as well as the testing that is performed on donated blood to ensure its safety.

Acting as information specialists, the students were charged with sharing the facts they learned with their family members and discussing the importance of qualified adults becoming donors. During the school’s drive, which is scheduled for Jan. 30 from 3:15 to 9 pm and open to the community, the students will volunteer at service stations to provide paperwork and post-donation treats to those who give blood.