All Aboard the Energy Bus

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Filling out the school’s gymnasium, staff and students from Bayport-Blue Point School District’s Blue Point Elementary School recently joined together to introduce their participation in “The Energy Bus” program. 

The Energy Bus program, which is based off the popular book by Jon Gordon, was incorporated into the school’s curriculum in an effort to increase the already highly positive school culture, and to inspire and develop leaders who positively impact the school community as a whole. As the students “ride” the Energy Bus together, they are asked to follow a set of guidelines, outlining all of the positive aspects of their lives, including responsibility, celebrating their talents and gift, and avoiding bullying at all costs. 

During the ceremony, students were called up by grade level to showcase their appreciation for the Energy Bus program, as they displayed a number of skits and songs for all to enjoy. 

Prior to the conclusion of the Energy Bus Showcase, students recited the program’s student pledge in unison, led by Blue Point Elementary School Principal Tara Falasco, taking the positive feeling of the assembly back with them in the classroom.