Expanding Cultural Knowledge

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In coordination with their studies on geography and the cultures of other nations, third, fourth and fifth grade students from Blue Point Elementary School were recently paid a visit from Mike Harrold of Jambo Productions for a presentation about his world travels and the benefits of doing so. 

Mike Harrold, or “Mr. Mike” as the students called him, spoke to the attendees about his passion for traveling, as he has visited 85 countries to date, along with 49 of 50 states within the continental United States. Mr. Mike showcased his beautiful photographs to the students throughout his presentation, highlighting the cultural aspects of countries from Africa, Asia and South America, to name a few. Additionally, he brought along a scooter which was built in Thailand for all to see. 

The students were highly engaged throughout the duration of his presentation, and contributed their own travel stories to the conversation, expressing interest in visiting more foreign lands in the near future with their families.