World Language Week

James Wilson Young Middle School staff and students recently hosted World Language Week, in which they participated in a number of fun and educational activities to celebrate the many cultures and customs throughout the world. 

Senora Julie D’Andraia joined forces with the cafeteria and food services staff to bring the students lunches with some foreign flair, including beef taco bowls as well as pasta and a few other great dishes. 

Each morning during advisory, Anne Hansen-Crowley’s ENL students announced a greeting, including the day, date and weather over the PA, speaking in their native tongues of the Spanish, Urdu, Chinese and Italian languages. 

Senor Vincent Rosa challenged the students with his daily trivia questions. Due to their successful responses, the winners were declared as Ashley Oelcher, Cian Love, Mikey Luce and Taylor DiBiase. A contest was also featured where students had to guess how many “gomitas” (jellybeans) were in the jar, and sixth-grade student Henry Bosse was able to guess the correct amount.

Additionally, special slides were displayed on the televisions in the school lobby that encouraged World Language learning, and students discussed why it is so important to be multilingual during advisory.