The Dangers of Vaping

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As a means of sharing best practices toward maintaining healthy lifestyle choices and avoiding detrimental activities, the district recently hosted a highly engaging assembly, “The Dangers of Vaping,” which was presented by John Martin, senior public health educator, Suffolk County Department of Health Services.

During Mr. Martin’s presentation, students of all ages and their parents were given valuable information regarding the harmful facts surrounding the highly addictive activity. Contrary to popular belief, e-cigarettes do not run solely on vapor, and contain microparticles and various chemicals which can lead to many forms of lung complications. Additionally, Mr. Martin ensured the attendees while the use of e-cigarettes isn’t quite as harmful as traditional cigarette usage, the various flavors offered still contain nicotine, formaldehyde and carcinogenic properties. 

Prior to the conclusion of the assembly, Mr. Martin selected a handful of student volunteers to come forward and showcase how easy it is to be tricked into trying an e-cigarette for the first time in a mock scenario.