Poster Contest Winners Earn Ride to Remember

Just before the holiday break, the winners of this year’s fire safety poster contest at Blue Point Elementary School, which was sponsored by the Blue Point Fire Department, received a ride home from school to remember —a ride aboard one of the department’s fire trucks. The winners, three from each grade, were selected based on the artistic drawings they created urging their peers to take care when it comes to a fire and the tips to remember in order to remain safe.

Congratulations to this year’s winners and special thanks to their art teachers, Bev Maler and Carly Gayler, for helping them create their winning entries:

Lillian Prince
Isabelle Hurst
James Lubbe
Kacey Hession
Sydney Pojero
William McCarthy
Adelaina Salaway
Cecily Phua
Morgan Leigh-Manuell


Matthew Carney
Kendal Woolley
Niko Aliscio

Tessa Orgonas
Anthony Russo
Justin Walter

Helen Williams
Audrey Saroka
Annie Buxton