An Evening of Accomplishments

An Evening of Accomplishments photo
An Evening of Accomplishments photo 2
During the Feb. 26 Board of Education meeting, both staff members and students alike were met with praise for their recent accomplishments. 

To begin the night’s recognitions, the 32 Bayport-Blue Point High School Science Olympiad students who attended the regional tournament held on Jan. 26 at Ward Melville High School were presented with certificates courtesy of the Board of Education for their successful performance at the competition. The Science Olympiad A-team placed ninth, while the B-team placed 21st out of a total of 52 teams. According to co-advisers Steven Roach and Denise Kelly, 14 of the 15 A-team members and seven of 15 total B-team members earned at least one medal, while multiple teams went on to earn two medals during the competition.

Additionally, James Wilson Young Middle School health teacher Deborah Lena was named the Teacher of the Month for December, and was met with words of praise from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney along with a token of appreciation from the Board of Education. 

According to a prepared statement from Mrs. Lena’s colleagues, “Her candor and sincerity when her students ask tough, embarrassing questions is why they go to her with serious concerns, share personal difficulties and have said to her years later that her words stayed with them at critical moments.”