Let’s Go to China

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As a means of gaining a deeper understanding of the Chinese New Year, third-grade students from Blue Point Elementary School recently attended a culturally engaging in-school field trip, called “Let's Go to China.”

During her visit, presenter Patricia Shih provided the students with a number of facts and information surrounding the history, music, arts and culture of the country. The students also took part in a ribbon dancing activity, practiced the “rainbow” and “firework” techniques which go hand-in-hand with the traditional art form. Mrs. Shih then invited a select number of students to practice hand drums from various countries such as Kenya, the Middle Eastern region and China. 

Prior to the conclusion of the event, the students took part in a Chinese New Year Dragon parade, and were rewarded with "lucky" red envelopes as they successfully stated “Happy New Year” and “Thank You” in the Chinese language.