Cultural Exchange

Cultural Exchange photo

In celebration of their semiannual cultural exchange event, Bayport-Blue Point High School’s Peer Education Program members recently welcomed friends from Amityville High School’s Warrior Awareness Club for a series of fun and friendly activities.

Upon their arrival, Amityville students were welcomed to the district with the help of Bayport-Blue Point High School’s Chamber Ensemble, which provided a lovely medley of music. Once gathered in the cafeteria, the two groups enjoyed catching up with their cross-district friends and the bagel breakfast provided. 

Joining social worker Elizabeth Alagna and special education/mathematics teacher Joy Schuster upstairs, the large group of students engaged in a series of ice breaker activities, including an engaging “Rock, Paper, Scissors” tournament. Bayport-Blue Point Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy Hearney also helped to greet the special guests and encouraged all students to engage in conversations in an effort to learn more about each other.  

Each Amityville High School student was then paired up with a Bayport-Blue Point student and they attended classes together throughout the day, mirroring Bayport-Blue Point High School’s visit to Amityville High School earlier this school year. The purpose of the cultural exchange event is to build new friendships and create bonds between students from different school districts.