Family Wellness Night

Family Wellness Night photo
Family Wellness Night photo 2
As a means of promoting connections, the district launched its new community connections series with the district’s first Family Wellness Night. 

Joining dozens of district students along with her families within the Bayport-Blue Point High School cafeteria, the event was presented by district resident Dr. Gina Witt of osteopathic medicine. During the event, Dr. Witt displayed a highly informative PowerPoint presentation for the attendees, including stress-reducing information, breathing and meditation tactics. The students and their families enjoyed taking part in the abdominal breathing tactics suggested, as they were employed in an effort to promote courage, inner strength and balance to their daily lives. 

Dr. Witt also asked that the families take part in a daily activity in which they write down one thing that they are grateful for, and place these items in a jar to be opened at the end of the year. 

Prior to the conclusion of the event, attendees were provided with a helpful list of resources and web applications which could be utilized to assist in furthering mindful techniques and practices. 

The district would like to thank the Social-Emotional Task Force for making this event a possibility for all to enjoy.