PS I Love You Day


In recognition of P.S. I Love You Day, the Bayport-Blue Point High School was recently filled with positive messages, uplifting attitudes and, most importantly, the color purple.

Throughout the course of the day, staff and students alike donned their purple attire in honor of the nationwide event, signifying the strong sense of inclusion and love that the day represents. Along the hallways, lockers were adorned with uplifting messages taped to their surface, reminding students that “You Are Loved” and “You Matter.” Additionally, a bagel breakfast and purple “P.S. I Love You” bracelets were available for purchase, with the proceeds going toward a scholarship fund and suicide prevention foundations.   

According to their website, the mission of P.S. I Love You, Inc., is to spread love in order to decrease bullying and promote mental health awareness. They strongly believe that by educating students earlier about mental health, this difficult conversation will be easier to discuss.

The district would like to thank science department Chairperson Nikki Restivo for her assistance in making this day a huge success which could be shared by all involved.