Promoting Healthy Choices

Promoting Healthy Choices photo
In an effort to promote healthy lifestyle choices and a drug-free learning environment through means of positive exercises and community-driven activities, the Bayport-Blue Point School District recently partnered with the Great South Bay Coalition. 

Keeping in touch with the overall message of the coalition, a meet and greet event was held in late January, featuring a special presentation brought forward by Dr. Ronald M. Masera, Ed.D. on the impact of social media on youth’s mental health. 

“The Great South Bay Coalition is always thinking about the community, and more specifically, the students of Bayport-Blue Point,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney. “I truly value the partnership we have with them, and I look forward to working closely with the coalition on future projects.”

According to their website, The Great South Bay Coalition was established in 2014 with the goal in mind of promoting mental and physical health initiatives in an effort to reduce youth substance use. Due to their generous efforts, they will be funding initiatives for both the Sayville and Bayport-Blue Point school districts during the course of the next five years.