Solar-powered S’mores

Solar-powered S’mores photo
Solar-powered S’mores photo 2
Solar-powered S’mores photo 3
In a fun and delicious activity, students enrolled in Jessica Armstrong’s, Anne Martino’s and Rochelle Petre’s sixth-grade science classes at James Wilson Young Middle School recently applied their scientific knowledge in order to design their very own “solar cooker.”

After spending a unit studying the benefits of using alternative energy and how it can best serve the planet, the students devised a solar cooker using a simple cardboard box, aluminum foil and plastic wrap, along with bits of newspaper serving as insulation. In order to successfully bake their tasty s’mores, the students’ ovens were required to increase in temperature by at least 50 degrees within a 10-minute time period in the lab setting. If the ovens didn’t reach that difference during testing, the students were asked to troubleshoot and adjust their designs in order to improve their results. 
The engineering design task was recently added to the district’s curriculum to better support the New York State Science Learning Standards that have recently been adopted by the state.