A New Library Experience

A New Library Experience photo

In accordance with the district’s approved bond project, students at James Wilson Young Middle School are now able to enjoy conducting their studies in the new and improved school library.

The renovated space includes a full computer lab, a lounge session featuring comfortable chairs and pieces of furniture, a lecture area spacious enough to accommodate two full classes and private study rooms. 

With these new pieces of technology and spaces at their disposal, the students are engaging in a whole new realm of collaborative efforts on a daily basis. Expanding upon the traditional school library setting, the new space at James Wilson Young Middle School also mimics elements of a 21st-century classroom, where students have daily access to media centers in order to complete their schoolwork in a timely fashion.

According to James Wilson Young Middle School Principal Robert Haas, the students enjoy engaging with their classmates in the new space, and are very thankful for their renovated library space.