Celebrating Native American Culture

Celebrating Native American Culture photo

As an extension of their classroom lessons, fourth-grade students at Blue Point Elementary School were recently taken on an educational adventure into the rich history of Native American culture.

The presentations were brought to the school courtesy of representatives of the Long Island-based “Journeys into American Indian Territory” program. Classes were divided amongst different parts of the school, including an outdoor activity session, and a museum/hands-on demonstration in the classrooms pertaining to different traditional Native American customs.

During the museum portion of the day, Journeys into American Indian Territory Director Bob Vetter spoke about the tribes’ daily lives and gave students the opportunity to interact with genuine Iroquois and Algonquian artifacts. The students were informed that women of the tribe primarily gathered essential foods such as corn, beans and berries, while the men would hunt for meat with their go-to weapon, the spear.