Celebrating Superintendent’s Conference Day

Celebrating Superintendent’s Conference Day photo

Prior to the beginning of the 2018-19 academic school year, all faculty and staff members of the district recently gathered in the Bayport-Blue Point High School auditorium for an informative Superintendent’s Conference Day session.

After a stunning display of musical talent presented by the Bayport-Blue Point High School Jazz Band, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy Hearney warmly welcomed all in attendance and began to recognize individuals for their contributions thus far. 

John Limperatos, a Bayport-Blue Point High School history teacher who was named district Teacher of the Year, was given the opportunity to express his gratitude toward his colleagues and deliver a heartwarming speech for all to hear.  

“Today is very simple; be better than yesterday,” said Mr. Limperatos while addressing the crowd. “My goal is to help you conjure up the fortitude, the wisdom and the strength to take on another school year, because a lot of people just don’t understand how tough teaching is.”

In honor of devoting 20 years or more of service to the district, current employees Ronald Bard, Stephanie Birdsall, Therese Blake, Richard Campisi, Christina Carroll, Linda Cohen, Michele Cornwell, George Edwards, Maureen Espina, Bryan Franke, James Hoek, Jane Jacoby, Stacey Loeffler, Marybeth Lyons, Eileen McBride, Kristen McCarthy-Coyne, Denise McKenna, Elizabeth Milton, Amy Minerva, James Moccio, Marianne Perna, Rochelle Petre, Loretta Rupert, Frank Salino, Laura Seerveld, T.J. Smith, Theresa Stevens, Eleanor Taylor, Joan Tomaszewski, Michael Zafonte and Neil Zarcone were presented with certificates signifying their accomplishments.

Due to his infallible ability to successfully predict the weather, Dr. Hearney invited Bayport-Blue Point High School Orchestra Director David Johnson up to the front of the auditorium and presented him with a signed plaque courtesy of NBC Meteorologist Chris Cimino. 

Before concluding the ceremony, Dr. Hearney introduced the high school chorus as they performed a beautiful rendition of “You Will Be Found” from the Broadway sensation “Dear Evan Hansen.” Additionally, Dr. Hearney premiered an emotional and thought-provoking video showcasing the district’s “Go To Person” initiative, which also received praise from all in attendance. 

The recently implemented “Go To Person” initiative encourages faculty and staff members throughout the district to open their doors, along with their ears, to any students who may find themselves in need of some extra advice throughout the school year. This pairs with the district’s vision of increasing mental-health awareness during the school year. 

Staff members of the district’s physical education department also took part in a workshop through the United States Tennis Association in an effort to introduce a new tennis program to the curriculum, Net Generation. Net Generation’s focus is to make the sport easier for students — even those who have never picked up a racquet — to try tennis through schools, parks and tennis clubs across the country.