Celebrating Cultural Diversity Day

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Day photo

Members of Bayport-Blue Point High School’s Peer Education Program recently welcomed a group of students from Amityville High School for a Cultural Exchange event, held at the Bayport-Blue Point High School on April 10.

After being welcomed to the school with a stunning display of musical talent courtesy of the Bayport-Blue Point High School chamber orchestra, the Amityville High School students greeted their friends with smiles on their faces.

The purpose of the Cultural Exchange program is to build new friendships and create bonds between students from different school districts. This was the second time that both Amityville High School and Bayport-Blue Point High School participated in the event this school year, with the first event taking place this past fall.
After a complimentary breakfast, the students took part in a series of icebreaker activities with assistance from Suffolk County Health Department Representative John Martin, who helped develop the BBP program with high school psychologist Dayna Russo. 

“The Cultural Diversity Day is beneficial in many ways, as it allows students to experience and challenge their assumptions and judgments about other districts and students,” said Mrs. Russo. “It also creates connections between students who may have never had the opportunity to meet, simply because of where they live. Each school has a culture that could be misunderstood by an outsider and it is an important piece in transitioning from high school to adult life to take the time to understand others before judgement. This year, witnessing the students connect, recognize, evaluate, and talk about the differences between their schools and cultures was empowering to watch.”

Before leaving for the day, each Amityville student was paired up with a Bayport-Blue Point student and attended several classes together.