Successes in the Spanish Language

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In an effort to help students build multilingual skills, fifth-graders at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School were recently visited by Bayport-Blue Point High School students from Melanie Vieira’s and Kerri McGuire’s Spanish 4 and 5 classes for a “Cultural Breakfast and Book Exchange,” an initiative sponsored by the SEED foundation. 

Throughout the course of the event, the fifth-graders were given the opportunity to showcase the books they made in their Spanish classes, and explain to the upperclassmen fun facts about themselves using the Spanish language. Additionally, a large feast was prepared for the students, and they were asked to place their order for such items as empanadas and mango nectar while using their newly adopted language skills. 

The exchange served as the conclusion of the Spanish portion of the Foreign Language Experience Program at Sylvan Elementary, which begins in grade 3 and continues through grade 5. 

“Our district is one of only a handful that offers an elementary level second language program,” said ESL/world languages teacher Sally Miller. “Not only is it beneficial for students, but they highly enjoy taking part in it as well.”

Both Academy Street Elementary School and Blue Point Elementary School hosted a similar event to this in December 2017.