Students Act with Compassion

Students Act with Compassion photo

Students of all grade levels at Bayport-Blue Point High School recently attended a highly important assembly about antibullying and mutual respect, as hosted by public speaker and Teen Truth President/CEO JC Pohl.

During his multi-layered presentation, Mr. Pohl suggested that students ask themselves what they can do on a daily basis in order to continue to cultivate a welcoming and prosperous learning environment. He offered valuable advice on how to deal with the pressures of everyday life before conducting a visual exercise aimed at showing the students that bullying is a topic experienced by many. 

In addition to being a talented public speaker, Mr. Pohl is also a gifted filmmaker, a talent he shared with the staff and students. During the assembly, Mr. Pohl showed his short film consisting of footage shot entirely by students who decided it was time to make a change in the world. The footage showcased high school students throughout the nation who, like many students nowadays, are discouraged by bullying and disrespectful actions toward one another. 

After viewing the film, the students were asked to reflect on how it made them feel as an individual and how they would become ambassadors for change in the world.

Immediately following the assembly program, Mr. Pohl joined the Bayport-Blue Point High School Student Leaders for a summit workshop. The program was hosted with the goal of achieving objectives such as developing a greater understanding of what it means to be a leader, and brainstorming student issues that are affecting school culture.

Mr. Pohl instilled in the students the phrase that a leader must act (A) with compassion (C) today (T), as the students confidently recited these words, which formulate Teen Truth’s mantra of A.C.T.