Adventures in Native American Territory

Adventures in Native American Territory photo

Fourth-grade students at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School were recently treated to a visit from Richie Cornacchio and Maddi Cheers of the Journeys into American Indian Territory program for an in-depth look into Native American customs and culture.

Throughout the duration of their visit, students were invited to take part in traditional Native American games, such as “Atenaha,” otherwise known as Iroquois Dice, which promoted collaboration amongst themselves and required simple mathematic calculation. They also took part in Seneca style Ring and Pins, in which they utilized their hand-eye coordination to fling a strung, wooden circle through the air and attempted to land it on a stick.

Additionally, the fourth-graders were given a glimpse into how the Iroquois people survived on a daily basis by learning their hunting and gathering techniques and the tools they considered necessary to survive. The students then discovered several Native American items, explored the walls of a longhouse, interacted with musical instruments and classified different types of animal hides.