Beginning the New School Year

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Before the start of the 2017-18 school year, the district welcomed all faculty and staff into the auditorium of the Bayport-Blue Point High School for an informative Superintendent’s Conference Day, led by the district’s new Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy Hearney.

After a beautiful rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” by current Bayport-Blue Point High School student Shannon Conrad, Dr. Hearney began to thank and recognize important individuals throughout the district. Melissa Lawrence, a 2013 graduate, returned to her alma mater to personally thank the faculty and staff for all of her successes thus far.

Anne Salvador, Bayport-Blue Point School District Teacher of the Year and Academy Street Elementary School librarian, also expressed her gratitude toward her colleagues and presented all in attendance with a moving photo slideshow which highlighted district students throughout the years. 

New staff members Michael Becker, Dr. Theodore Fulton, Brooke Kreuscher, Ian Neumeyer, Raffaele Saviano Jr., Abigail Sheehan and Richard Snyder were warmly welcomed to the district by Dr. Hearney. Additionally, current staff members Rosemarie Castilletti, Samantha Demeusy, Roy Deyo, Gina Eilers, Bayley Everitt, Robert Haas, Andrew Peshkur and Michael Plugues were all presented with tenure based on their excellent work ethic and commitment to the district. 

In honor of devoting 25 years or more of service to the district, current employees John Andriano III, Catherine Bedell, Therese Blake, Ursula Camenzuli, Linda Cohen, Michele Cornwell, George Edwards, Maureen Espina, Dorothy Gaynor, Christina Hanson, James Hoek, Martin Immel, Jane Jacoby, Steven Marino, Marianne Perna, Rochelle Petra, Joseph Ranone, Joanne Rosche, Laura Seerveld, Jodi Sleavensky, Theresa Stevens, Eleanor Taylor, Dana Teri, Merrill Thompson, Joan Tomaszewski and Alyson Worthington were presented with certificates signifying their accomplishments.

Before concluding the morning’s events, Dr. Hearney reaffirmed his theme of “Be Somebody’s I Remember” to his staff before dismissing everyone to begin a successful new school year.