Senior Recognitions

Senior Recognitions Photo
Six members of the Bayport-Blue Point High School Class of 2017 were recently honored as outstanding members of the school community and celebrated for their achievements at the annual “In Recognition of Excellence” event held on June 14.

The students — Abigail Auwaerter, Lena Diaz, Kayla O’Shea-Dorfman, Mackenzie Fabiani, Madeline Silecchia and Joseph Venero — were selected by a committee of teachers and administrators at the high school from a list of nominees submitted by the entire faculty. The criteria for selection included service to the school and community, respect for fellow students, strong moral character, academic achievement, commitment and appreciation of school ideals, participation in school activities and the ability to express himself/herself.  

Additionally, the students were able to reciprocate their gratitude by selecting three staff members — one from their elementary, middle and secondary experiences — who had a special influence on their education. The selected staff members included Ron Bard, Katherine Carpenter, Stephanie Eberhard-Holgerson, James Ferrara, Carly Gayer, Karen Gick, Dan Harrington, Joan Heiser, Jane Jacoby, Krista Klicpera, Dawn Moccio, Toni Mulgrave, Anthony Murphy, Kim Palma, Dr. Gaurav Passi, Frank Salino, Joy Schuster and Jodi Sleavensky.