Lessons in Nature

Lessons in Nature Photo

Students enrolled in Philip Turano’s Advanced Placement Environmental Science classes at Bayport-Blue Point High School were recently able to further their studies with two firsthand nature experiences featuring live animals.

The classes raised trout inside their classroom fish tank as the culmination of a project surrounding testing water quality and ecology. After the fish hatched within the classroom, the students traveled to the Caleb Smith State Park in Smithtown to release the specimen into the Nissequogue River.

Additionally, Tony Valderama of the Quogue Wildlife Refuge visited the class and spoke with the students about the various species of owls which live on Long Island and highlighted the unique and critical role that the predators play in the ecosystem. Earlier in the school year, the students dissected owl pellets in an effort to learn more about the predator-prey relationship in nature, and were able to tie in their research to Mr. Valderama’s visit.

“I was very proud of the class and grateful for the opportunity the district affords the Environmental Science program to host qualified guest speakers and conduct meaningful field research projects,” said Bayport-Blue Point High School Environment Science teacher Philip Turano.