Digging up Facts

Digging up Facts Photo

Fourth- and fifth-grade elementary-level students from the district’s Gifted and Talented Education program at Academy Street Elementary School were recently treated to two interactive lessons to help further their knowledge of forensic archaeology and ecosystems.

A representative from Long Island Science Center provided a hands-on presentation regarding forensics as a culmination of the fifth-graders 10-week classroom study on the topic. During her demonstration, guest speaker Eileen Tambone explained to the students the duties of a forensic archaeologist, and how their job consists of analyzing remains of human bones and teeth. Additionally, students were able to work together to analyze real bones to determine age, gender and cause of death.

The fourth-grade students also attended a separate program about ecosystems after studying environmental science extensively in their classrooms prior to their activity. They analyzed the water quality of samples taken from the Peconic River by testing the pH levels and analyzed the turbidity using Jackson turbidity units. Additionally, they learned facts about how the water quality affects life in an ecosystem and created interlocking food webs.