Let’s Go to China

Let’s Go to China
Let’s Go to China 2
Let’s Go to China 3
Third-graders at Blue Point Elementary School were recently treated to a fun and exciting trip around the world as they took part in the assembly program “Let’s Go to China!”

During the event, the students were introduced to the Chinese culture, as presented by award-winning singer/songwriter Patricia Shih. Through song and spoken word, they learned about Chinese folklore and traditional Chinese customs, such as the “Ribbon Dance.” Additionally, Ms. Shih displayed various Chinese instruments along the front of the gymnasium, and student volunteers were asked to join her in front of the audience in order to demonstrate such instruments as the gong.

Ms. Shih concluded her presentation by teaching students simple Chinese phrases such as “Thank you” and “Happy New Year,” in celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year taking place on Jan. 28.