Lights, Camera, Action!

Magic unfolded on the Academy Street Elementary School stage this May as third-grade students in Victoria Latino’s class, joined together with several talented fourth-graders, put on the musical “Return of the Glass Slipper,” a spin on the traditional tale of Cinderella.
The play was a major reading and creative project for the students as they learned songs, dance routines, painted scenery, followed directions and practiced reading with fluency and expression.

A major goal for the teachers was to ensure that the children began to recognize and respect how important each member of a cast is, and that it takes true teamwork to pull off a production.  

“Children’s theater is a wonderful way to build self-esteem, and let each child have a chance to shine,” explained AIS teacher Anthony Murphy, who directed the show with Ms. Latino.
Highlights of the performance included peppy song and dance routines, a great story line, plenty of laughter and such a bright and cheery set.