Worldly Adventures


Sylvan Avenue Elementary School third-grade enrichment classes traveled around the world during a recent research project on Europe.

Using a variety of digital resources, the students learned about countries such as Ireland, Spain and Sweden before creating postcards depicting themselves at some of the countries’ famous landmarks. Using computer software, the students pasted a picture of themselves standing in front of places like France’s Eiffel Tower.

After completing the visual projects, the classes compared and contrasted the different cultures and made inferences about how they compared to their own. They shared their research with the building’s younger students and even mailed their postcards home to their family members.

“I am so excited to share this inquiry-based, cross-curricular project,” said library media specialist Susan Henke Brinkman. “As a collaborative effort with the classroom teachers, a social studies culture unit was extended to enrich our students' learning. I added in a technology-driven research project that enabled students to learn about and utilize safe, reliable Internet resources through our Virtual Reference Collection.”