Digital Awareness

Collaborative learning and technological prowess were the foundation for the Digital Generation elective introduced at Bayport-Blue Point High School this year. The inter-district program brought together five Long Island school districts to focus on the growing importance of digital media as it relates to personal branding, business and individual safety.

In addition to taking on traditional coursework, the Bayport-Blue Point students worked with students from other districts to complete projects about one of eight digital media-based topics. These included cyberbullying, self-image/identity, privacy and security, Internet safety, information literacy, creative credit and copyright, digital footprint and reputation, as well as relationships and communication.

Through the use of Google collaborative tools like Hangouts, Gmail and Drive, they created documents and presentations while experiencing what it is like to work in the 21st-century business environment. Within groups, the students researched current events, created a public service announcement and designed infographics about their topic.

They presented the completed projects before a panel of judges at Stony Brook University in January. Those who belonged to the two winning groups were invited to visit Google’s offices in New York City. Bayport-Blue Point senior Dylan Rohme was part of a winning team that presented on cyberbullying.  

The collaborating districts hope to use the students’ projects to create an informational resource center that can be used to educate younger students about the growing field of digital media.