New Staff Welcomed

The district welcomed several new professionals at each of its buildings with the start of school this year.

The incoming staff members attended an orientation program with key members of the district’s leadership staff before the first bell of the 2015-16 school year rang, during which they received an overview of district policies, procedures and curricular plans.

BBP proudly welcomes the following new staff members:

Richard Caskey – High School Technology
Alyssa Cordano – High School Special Education
Roy Deyo – High School Math
Kelly Flaherty – Elementary Teacher (Blue Point)
Victoria Garnarino – Middle School Chorus
Lauren Higgins – Elementary Teacher (Academy)
Doug Meehan – Elementary Physical Education Teacher
Tina-Marie Mikos – Elementary Teacher (Academy)
Kristin Morea – Special Education Teacher (Sylvan)
Ashley Olmstead – Elementary Teacher (Blue Point)
Elizabeth Pinto –Elementary Special Education (Sylvan)
Eric Rohoy – High School Math
Janis Thomson – Elementary Teacher (Academy)
Jeanne Zodda – Elementary Teacher (Blue Point)