Beginning a New Journey


Bayport-Blue Point High School’s freshman class officially began their high school journey and learned about the countless opportunities that await them during a summer orientation program held in late August.

During the program, members of the administration and guidance office discussed key matters such as graduation requirements, how students can prepare for college, and electives offered. With the help of several upperclassmen, they also shared ways to get involved in the school community.
“Our school has a lot to offer,” said Principal Dr. Gaurav Passi. “I encourage each of you to find a club or elective that speaks to you and take advantage of the opportunities before you.”

Throughout the remainder of the program, volunteer upperclassmen led small group tours and assisted the incoming ninth-graders with opening their lockers before the freshmen met with friends for a complimentary pizza lunch.

Also opening its doors to new students was the district’s middle school, James Wilson Young, which held a summer locker tryout event for the incoming sixth-grade class. The program allowed students to tour the building and try their hand at opening their lockers for the first time.