Batter Up!

Eighteen Academy Street Elementary School students will represent their hometown and showcase their athleticism during this year’s MLB Pitch, Hit and Run sectional competition in late May.

In order to participate in this contest, the students competed in the local level of the contest during physical education classes and were named champions in the pitching, hitting, running or all-around achievement categories. During the local contest, students were given six chances to throw the ball the furthest, three tries to hit a ball off a tee, and were tasked with completing a timed race from second base to home plate.

The following sectional contenders will compete for the chance to enter the team championship and ultimately the national finals.

Boys – 7-8 Years Old
All-Around, Hit, Run Champion: Guytano Kiesel
Pitch Champion: Colin Most

Boys – 9-10 Years Old
All-Around Champion: Pat Dougherty
Pitch Champion: Ryan Costa
Hit Champion: Chris Welling
Run Champions: Connor McNeil and Brandon Lessing

Boys – 11-12 Years Old
All-Around, Hit and Run Champion: Calvin Dickinson
Pitch Champions: Calvin Dickinson, Logan Robertson, Mike Verritto and Jack Baron

Girls – 7-8 Years Old
All-Around, Pitch and Run Champion: Lola Kiesel
Hit Champion: Alexandria Dobson

Girls – 9-10 Years Old
All-Around, Hit Champion: Keira Rooney
Pitch Champions: Keira Rooney and Isabella Barrata
Run Champion: Isabella Barrata

Girls – 11-12 Years Old
All-Around Champion: Marissa Cecere
Pitch Champions: Skyler Fig, Aaliyah Jankonski and Marissa Cecere
Hit Champion: Aaliyah Jankonski
Run Champion: Skyler Fig