Peer to Peer Learning

Academy Street Elementary School students had the chance to learn about the world of robotics when the Junior FIRST Lego Club, The Brainstormers, presented their project to the third-grade classes. 

The Brainstormers, comprised of Matthew Bachek, Vincent Greenlaw, Jillian Kaler, Brayden Robertson and Reaghan Tully, studied the beneficial effects of play, visited and researched numerous playgrounds and then designed a playground of their own.

During the presentations, they provided a brief description of what FIRST is, the various programs FIRST offers and showcased a brief version of what they do during an expo. To demonstrate the team challenge part of the expo, The Brainstormers conducted a team challenge to build a card tower using one hand with the third-graders.

The Brainstormers competed nationally at the FIRST World Expo in St. Louis this past April.