Trained Stewards for Safety

Twenty-six Bayport-Blue Point High School students have become the first members of the "Red Watch Band Program" developed by Stony Brook University, which has been designed to combat toxic drinking and the binge-drinking epidemic facing communities and college campuses nationwide.

To become members, the students completed a four-hour alcohol emergency response-training program in late April, which included two hours of alcohol emergency training and two hours of CPR/AED training. At the end, they each received Red Watch Bands, Certificates, and attended a "Heroes for Heroes" dinner.

The goal of the Red Watch Band program is to ensure that all students are provided with accurate information about the dangers of alcohol use, signs and symptoms of an alcohol emergency, and when, where and how to get help during a time when every second counts. The program’s curriculum was designed by licensed mental health professionals and substance abuse specialists.

Its implementation in BBP was the result of the collaboration and partnership between Tim Hearney and Krista Klicpera from the Bayport-Blue Point School District, Dorothy Johnson and Kim Hession from the Great South Bay Coalition, Michael Firestone from the Bayport-Blue Point Public Library and Kristin LoNigro from Hofstra University. All materials for the program and the celebration dinner were funded by the Bayport Blue Point Public Library.