Science on Display

Elementary students throughout the district demonstrated their understanding of the scientific method with a variety of complex research projects for this year’s school science fairs.

Kindergarten through fifth-grade students selected topics of interest and worked to prove a hypothesis. This year’s winners will go on to compete in the annual Brookhaven National Lab Science Fair.

In addition to displaying their work in day and evening school fairs, third- through fifth-graders were invited to showcase their projects at the Celebration of Science event, hosted by the BBP SEED Foundation. The event also featured projects completed by the district’s middle and high school students, as well as an interactive performance by Mad Science.

Academy Street Elementary School
Kindergarten: Lexi Hager – “M&Ms”
Gr. 1: Finn Morris – “I Feel the Need for Speed”
Gr. 2: Brenna Hassett and Amy Carson – “What Size Tube Will Make Our Music Sound the Loudest?”
Gr. 3: Alexandra Vlachos – “Magnet Mania”
Gr. 4: Kyle Gonzalez – “Tasting with Your Eyes”
Gr. 5: Cole Spier – “Using Nanotechnology to Clean Oil Spills”

Blue Point Elementary School
Kindergarten: Hannah Wright – “Calling My Best Friend”
Gr. 1: J. T. Swam – “Digit Memory Challenge”
Gr. 3: Sophia Schultz – “An Egg-treme Cleaning”
Gr. 5: Stephen Schultz – “Can Nano Tech Clean a Mega Mess?”

Sylvan Avenue Elementary School
Kindergarten: Logan Snyder – “Which Markers Should My Teacher Buy?”
Gr. 1: Michael Clare – “M&M Colors”
Gr. 2: Andrew Snyder and Luke Snyder – “Stand or Fall? Homemade Shake Table”
Gr. 3: Jonluca Cortese – “A Nutty Problem”
Gr. 4: Ezra Powers – “Can You Loop the Loop?
Gr. 5: Emily Cortese – “Watch That Dirty Mouth”