Engaging the Senses

Blue Point Elementary School kindergartners strengthened their understanding of the five senses during an in-school program with the Long Island Center for Arts and Sciences.

During the program, the students discussed each of the senses and how they are used to interpret the world around them. They also learned about the heightened senses some animals possess and how they aid their survival in the wilderness. In addition, the program addressed how individuals with diminished senses successfully navigate their surroundings. At the end of the event, students created sheets of Braille and learned several phrases in sign language.

Prior to the workshop, classroom teachers introduced the topic with interactive projects. The kindergartners learned about hearing by playing a guessing game using the Smart Board, and tested their sense of touch by guessing items in a mystery bag. At the end, the students created “all about me” books to describe each sense and incorporated pictures of them using it.