Native New York Culture Comes to Academy Street


Journeys Into American Indian Territory representatives Uaian Bruno and Maddie Cheers presented the Eastern Woodland Program of traditional Native American culture for fourth-graders at Academy Street on Sept. 24. Students engaged in a range of activities from mock rabbit hunting and grinding corn to exploring a longhouse dwelling and the sport of lacrosse’s roots as a training exercise for hunting.

The program, supported by the school’s PTA, serves as a launching pad for the grade’s “The First People of New York” social studies unit on the Haudenosaunee tribe, popularly known as the Iroquois. The assembly’s content also correlates to the New York State Common Core Standards fourth-grade language arts study of the oral traditions of the Haudenosaunee people.

“The children love this day because it is so hands-on and interactive,” said teacher Carrie Almskog. “It makes the learning really come alive for them. As teachers, we refer back to what was learned today throughout the entire school year.”