High School Ranked 160th by Newsweek

Bayport-Blue Point has been named one of the best high schools in the U.S., ranking No. 160 on Newsweek’s recently released list of America’s Top Schools, earning this distinction with an 89.54 college readiness score and 96.6 percent graduation rate. More than 14,000 schools were considered in the annual ranking.

“In recent years, we have made a push towards self-selection, thereby encouraging students to take the most rigorous courses that they feel they can handle,” said the school’s principal, Dr. Gaurav Passi. “This recognition by Newsweek magazine comes at a time when more and more high school students are taking Advanced Placement and other college preparatory courses. We are proud of our students for challenging themselves and proud of our teachers for guiding and supporting our students towards success in these rigorous courses.”