Colonial Days


Academy Street Elementary School fourth-graders had the chance to experience a part of their social studies curriculum firsthand as they stepped back in time and celebrated Colonial Day. Dressed in traditional Colonial attire – bonnets and dresses for the girls and knickers and Colonial hats for the boys – the students spent an entire day recreating the time period they had been studying in the classroom.

Students started the school day with a Colonial school morning, including learning the rules and manners of students during the 1700s, which they had to abide by throughout the day. They recited from an Academy Street primer and practiced subjects that were taught during the era by doing math lessons with chalk, reviewing their reading skills, and practicing penmanship using a feathered pen and ink.

During crafts, students made silhouettes, fashioned candles, made apple cobblers, learned how to weave and played games. With the help of several parent volunteers, the classes also enjoyed a traditional Colonial luncheon.