‘Perspectives on the Schools’ to Elicit Valuable Insights

The Bayport-Blue Point School District is asking parents, teachers, staff, middle school students and high school students to participate in a Perspectives on the Schools survey that will launch on Tuesday, January 21. 

The survey seeks community member views on key issues like the quality of education, parent engagement, district leadership and other issues relative to school function and relationships with stakeholders.

“There is great value in gathering this type of feedback from the residents who experience our schools on a daily basis,” said Dr. Vincent Butera, Superintendent of Schools. “This survey is just one more tool to help us along the way as we focus on continuous improvement in line with our community’s expectations.”

Teachers and staff will receive email invitations to participate in the survey. Parents whose email addresses are on file with the district will receive email invitations as well, and students will be provided with a custom link. The survey will also be accessible via a public link on the district’s website, http://www.bbpschools.org.

The confidentiality of survey respondents will be preserved to encourage wide participation and candid feedback. Following the close of the survey, a final report will be discussed and made available for the larger community.

The survey is designed and administered by independent technology and communications firm K12 Insight.