Creating Holiday Toys

James Wilson Young Middle School seventh-grade students in Bob Donarummo’s Introduction to Technology class put their classroom skills to the test, using hand and electric tools to construct approximately 40 Nok hockey boards. The students worked to precisely cut each piece using a drill press, scroll and mitre saw. They used hand sanding, a combination sander and filing techniques to ensure the pieces were free of rough edges before staining the wood a rich brown color.

The completed boards were donated to the Lighthouse Mission, a facility in Bellport that feeds the hungry and helps the homeless, as well as the before-care and after-care programs of the district’s elementary schools and middle school, respectively.

The project, which was coordinated as part of the class’s “Mass Production of Goods” unit of study, helped to reinforce the lessons the students were learning about the production process – in particular about assembly lines and quality control. The students worked on the boards for approximately six weeks.