Sharing Learning with Building Peers

As a conclusion to their study on owls, first-graders in Tammy Santora’s class at Academy Street Elementary School showcased their newfound knowledge for the school’s fifth-graders in an owl fair.

During the event, older students were invited to visit a series of interactive learning stations designed by the first-graders. These included a handmade pine cone baby owlet station, where the fifth-graders could hold and feed an owlet as well as learn about facts; an owl puppet show focused on habitats; an owl pellet dissection center featuring the skeletons of different prey that owls eat; a display of the students’ handmade books which included facts about the owls; and lastly, a “haunted owl woods” walking tour, where the students flew paper owls over the heads of those walking through.

The interactive event helped to reinforce many of the lessons the students learned in the classroom and incorporated a multidisciplinary approach to education.