Going Beyond Stop, Drop and Roll

Blue Point Elementary School students marked this year’s Fire Prevention Week by participating in a safety workshop at the Blue Point Fire Department. After walking across the street to the firehouse, the students met with volunteer firefighters to discuss the importance of smoke alarms, the need to practice fire drills at home and reasons why they should identify a family meeting place.

After watching a video about how to stay safe in the kitchen, the students took turns navigating through a modular “smoke house.” They practiced how to properly exit a building when the smoke detectors sounded and artificial smoke filled the house. Under the supervision of a firefighter and their classroom teacher, the students successfully navigated through the simulation and exited the house by climbing out a window or, for the younger grades, through a door. During the students’ visits to the fire department, they also had the opportunity to explore the outside of a fire truck, learn about the protective gear worn by firefighters and even take turns putting out a “fire” using a firefighter’s water hose.