Dear Community,

As I enter the second half of my first year as superintendent of schools in the Bayport-Blue Point School District, I am proud to say that I can now personally attest to the distinguished qualities that drew me to your community. This district has always had a reputation for providing students with a quality education while staying true to its community-centered traditions. Over the last eight months, I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with countless district residents and members of our schools’ faculty and staff and have witnessed this reputation firsthand.  

As with any great organization, our future successes will not be driven by our past achievements or well-earned reputation alone, but rather our ability to evolve and meet new challenges and higher standards. Our district is on the precipice of such a situation and I remain committed to making decisions focused on our collective desire to provide this community’s children with a first-class education.

As the Commissioner of Education and the Board of Regents have recently made clear, the expectations for students and staff have been raised significantly. Thus, our challenges moving forward will be to ensure that we maintain and strengthen our instructional programs, provide educational opportunities that align with New York State educational standards, and develop, within our students, the vital skills they will need upon leaving our care.

The vision plan that I have begun to formulate will provide for this evolution while maintaining the high academic standards we have come to expect from our students and faculty. This blueprint centers on the educational philosophy shared by myself and the members of the Board of Education, which is to provide opportunities for every child to succeed at the highest level and to develop students who possess the social, emotional and academic skills to succeed beyond high school.

As the governing entity of our school district, our Board of Education has begun to establish a targeted list of educational and leadership goals for the school year. These goals, when coupled with a clear, discernible educational plan, will allow us to bring the district forward and prepare students to become productive, well-versed members of society. I look forward to sharing these plans for the evolution of our district in the days, weeks and months ahead.

I welcome you and your family back for another school year and offer my best wishes for a successful one.

Dr. Vincent Butera
Superintendent of Schools