Charitable Wax Museum at Academy

Academy Street Elementary School fifth-graders participated in an interactive wax museum this June. Themed “The Noble, the Notable and the Notorious of the 1800s,” the event called for students to research a historical individual of the 19th century and use their findings to write an informative speech about that person.

The program not only served to complement the grade level’s curriculum, it also encouraged the students’ continued philanthropic efforts. For the wax museum, the students remained perfectly still until a visitor made them “come to life” by dropping coins into small donation boxes located next to their display. The money collected was donated to the organization Land & Sea, which coordinates and provides athletic and outdoor experiences for autistic children. Through the classes' efforts, $378.75 was raised for this program. In addition, students Madison Waters and Emma Woolsey ran a lemonade stand over the weekend, contributing another $62 for a grand total of $440.75.