Visiting World Locations

Students’ Research Projects on Display During School Travel Fair

Interesting facts about lands far and near were on display during this year’s Travel Fair, organized by Nancy Celentano’s fourth-graders at Academy Street Elementary School in the Bayport-Blue Point School District. As part of their world geography lessons, the students selected diverse regions from throughout the world to study. Employing their research and technology skills, they developed comprehensive presentations on their subjects.

The fourth-graders used conventional research tools, such as destination websites, encyclopedias and magazines, to collect basic information on their country or state. They also connected with outside organizations – their country’s department of tourism or the local agency Empress Travel, for example – to collect supplemental information. After organizing their research, the students created informational display boards and persuasive pamphlets, which included photos and captions of fun places to visit, historic landmarks and famous cities, along with recommendations and descriptions for travel accommodations.

On the day of the Travel Fair, fellow classes from Academy Street visited the students’ different stations to learn about a variety of places and sample student-prepared culinary dishes representing the regions’ agriculture and traditions. An array of flags and mobiles depicting the researched states and countries marked the entrance to the fair.