Candy Hearts and Crazy Hats

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Spirited Blue Point Elementary School students celebrated Valentine’s Day in a big way, with a wealth of festivities at every grade level. In keeping with the district’s social-emotional “Energy Bus” initiative, Theresa Stevens and Kristen Rang’s third grade class participated in a confidence-building activity called “Love Your Passengers.” During this exercise, each student attached a paper heart to his or her back and their classmates took turns covering the hearts with positive character traits they would use to describe them. As part of their geometry unit, the second graders used math manipulatives to create valentine-themed images out of various shapes. Down in the kindergarten wing, Lindsey Dolan’s students took part in a matching activity in which they sorted candy hearts by color.

Not only was it Valentine’s Day, but it was also Crazy Hair/Hat Day at BPES. Throughout all of these activities, the elementary schoolers sported creative hairstyles and headpieces crafted with every material imaginable. This fun-filled day was the perfect way to lead the students into mid-winter recess.