High Schoolers Say ‘Bonjour’ to Fifth Graders

High Schoolers Say ‘Bonjour’ to Fifth Graders 2020 thumbnail164724

Juniors and seniors enrolled in French 4 and French 5/AP at Bayport-Blue Point High School recently visited the fifth grade classes at Academy Street Elementary School and Blue Point Elementary School, respectively.

Prior to the visits, all high school French students collaborated on personalized keepsake French books for each fifth grader, which included details about the students’ lives and favorite things. After sharing these books with the fifth graders, the juniors and seniors taught them some common phrases in French, such as “I like it,” “I don’t like it,” “please” and “thank you,” as well as vocabulary for a variety of food, sports and animals.

Before concluding their visits, the fifth graders were given the chance to sample the “Diabolo Menthe,” a popular French beverage, which is similar to a Shirley Temple but flavored with mint instead of grenadine. Students at both levels enjoyed this unique opportunity for collaborative cultural learning.