Howdy from the Fifth Grade

As part of their social studies lessons on the Wild West and the Westward Expansion, the fifth-grade students at Blue Point Elementary School had the chance to learn firsthand what it means to be a cowboy as they celebrated “Cowboy Day.”

Dressed as cowboys or cowgirls, the students learned the significance of each piece of clothing these individuals wear – from wide-brimmed hats to boots with spurs – as well as the long cattle drives they embarked on in the mid to late 1800s. The Wild West Cowboy Day began with a showing of the movie “Home on the Range” and followed through with a multistation workshop that called for the students to write cowboy poetry and read cowboy stories. As a conclusion to the memorable lesson, the students had the chance to visit a photo booth to have their picture taken after their successful “cattle drive” and visit the chuck wagon for some “sinkers with Texas butter” snacks.