Scientific Study on Swimmers and Crawlers

As a complement to their classroom science lessons, Blue Point Elementary School kindergarten students had the chance to get an up-close look at the animals and insects they were studying when local professionals visited their classrooms. As part of their “swimmers and crawlers” unit of study, the students learned about different aquatic animals and commonly found insects, including their body parts, life cycles and habitats.

With help from the Cornell Cooperative Extension, the kindergartners were shown how to set up an aquarium and filled their classroom units with guppies, catfish, shrimp and snails. After creating a terrarium filled with beetles and pill bugs, they were educated on the different components of insects, various stingers, and types of antennae and eyes when a representative from the Long Island Center for Arts and Sciences came to the school. During a “build-a-bug” workshop, the students helped to create a classroom bug. Using pipe cleaners and egg cartons, they also fashioned individual keepsake bugs.