Recent media reports have sparked conversations regarding a parent’s ability to have their child “opt out” of the upcoming state assessments. Please be advised that, as per current state law and the regulations of the New York State Education Commissioner, this is not a viable or legal choice. As stated in a memo from the State Education Department’s Director of the Office of State Assessment, “There is no provision in statute or regulation allowing parents to opt their children out of state tests.” The statement went on to explain that these exams are required of all New York public school systems and children are therefore mandated to sit for their administration.

Contrary to some of the information being shared, there are several potential consequences for districts that fail to participate in state testing, including, but not limited to, the loss of Title 1 funding and a negative impact on a district’s accountability status.  

While some parents are questioning the importance of these mandated exams and their frequency, the district reminds the community of the benefits that they provide. The data obtained from these tests is one of the measures the district uses to determine the appropriate educational services a child requires, and it provides valuable input when making decisions regarding student placement and program adjustments.

Based on the information above, the district encourages universal participation in these exams and feels that failure to take or sit for the assessments would not be a prudent educational decision for any child. Should you have any questions about this matter, you are encouraged to contact your child’s building principal.